Why do I wake up every morning feeling depressed that Trump is president and inciting hate everywhere?
2019-10-25 02:02:38 UTC
I want everyone (regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, social class, education level, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity) to get along. Trump's presidency has divided us all, but many of us don't realize it. I am hurt that this country made the decision it did in 2016. I want my children to grow up in a society where equality is emphasized. It sadly isn't anymore.

I'm also saddened knowing the economy is taking a slow downturn. Forecasters predict a recession by 2021. My children will have graduated college by then. I fear for their futures. Wages have remained largely stagnant and aren't keeping pace with inflation, healthcare sucks because Trump has gotten rid of many components of ObamaCare, etc, etc. I just want Trump gone. I want to feel ok again.
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2019-10-26 04:58:06 UTC
As a non American I feel for members of your society. I am Australian and we are feeling the effect of his behaviour here too. He is indeed a worry but sadly so many of your countrymen and women have become mesmerised by his rhetoric. Pity USA does not have compulsory voting, it may alter the numbers at the next election. Even here we worry about what kind of world we are leaving our children and grandchildren due to people like him making the decisions that impact on our lives.
2019-10-27 14:18:02 UTC
Because you're am attention seeking over emoting emotional bottomless pit of neediness.
2019-10-26 16:29:19 UTC
I am Trump supporter and I truly do believe in equality. The problem is you believe in Equity.
2019-10-26 02:17:49 UTC
You answered your own question in the details.
2019-10-25 23:09:50 UTC
The US is a big country. Go surfin', watch the eagles soar, spend time in the woods, go horse riding.
atomic fireball
2019-10-25 18:07:17 UTC
Maybe if Sanders gets elected we’ll see some changes. Then again what they say to get elected and what they actually do once they get elected can be two different things. We need another FDR, but people of that type of character don’t seem to get born anymore. Things have changed.
2019-10-25 14:59:18 UTC
I remember when certain Trump supporters during the Obama years donning their pointy tin-foil hats by making far-out claims about the U.S. government promoting Soviet-style communism.
2019-10-25 11:06:00 UTC
Because you are a loser and don't have a job.

Stop smoking pot and start doing something rather than be a liberal leech.
2019-10-25 03:52:56 UTC
if you didn't watch so much cnn and fake news you might learn a little and feel so much better! the dems have nothing,done nothing, found nothing on Trump and have no serious intelligent worthy candidate to run against Trump. the economy is doing better than ever. Our country is respected once again. the hate is coming from the left not Trump.the left has incited this hatred towards our president, our country, our laws, our democracy.. Jeesh... wake up! the liberals want to take our freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, give up flying airplane (but not them, they can still have all these things), cars, and even eating meat! So now we need to return to the middle ages?! you want to know what it would be like in a socialist democracy? look at europe, that's is one HOT mess! I'm beyond grateful that Jezebel (mhmhm, I mean Hillary) ( and if you don't know who Jezebel is... look it up) did not win the presidency! the rich corrupt liar can't get over the fact that she lost! Give it a bit though.. when your kid grows up he'll know what it is like to live in a hell hole because eventually the dems will cheat, lie and steal to get that power and you'll be crying then!
2019-10-25 03:40:27 UTC
He’s been President for almost three years now. You are still here. Calm down.
2019-10-25 03:27:20 UTC
Stop watching cnn and msnbc. Has the world ended like they said it would. No....
2019-10-27 21:37:22 UTC
I do too every so often
Cory n
2019-10-27 08:00:06 UTC
Because you are liberal that wants everything for free and wants open borders because it makes you feel good to let people like me pay for them. You are a millennial loser with no hope or identity that listens to cRAP music smokes lots of pot and are a complete yellow belly coward.
2019-10-26 21:15:29 UTC
I DO TOO!! It will change
2019-10-26 16:21:41 UTC
No, it’s the people who’ve divided us all. You have no one to blame but yourselves, and you guys are too blind to see it.
The Lady
2019-10-26 11:36:19 UTC
The only answer is ignorance. When the most people are just sitting in front of Netflix and eating chips, thats the result you get :(
2019-10-26 11:00:37 UTC
Because the Media loves to lie about Trump.
2019-10-26 07:22:52 UTC
America bitches
2019-10-26 02:58:36 UTC
The important thing is to stay optimistic.
2019-10-26 01:54:24 UTC
Apparently you are not going to bed early enough to get your full hours of adult sleep that you need. The media regularly feeds the people a nasty picture of Pres. Trump making one feel he has got to be the bad guy. Rather check out the speeches and words he actually puts out to the public. Then review the actual policies he has initiated and done. Good luck  on your studies.
2019-10-25 23:54:18 UTC
Nobody can cause hate if hate is not already there. Get rid of your ill feelings and there will be no problem. The problem is on the inside.
2019-10-25 22:56:55 UTC
i wouldn't waste your time on yahoo answers. try quora. yahoo is for hateful trolls with no life who attack people b.c. they were bullied growing up and now want revenge. quora has grown-ups on it. 
2019-10-25 19:50:33 UTC
Trump is the greatest danger our country has ever faced. Essentially what we have is the agent of our enemy Russia, running our country and doing all he can to demean our country, to embarrass us, to degrade us in the eyes of the world, to undo the influence we have to break up our alliance and to make more aligned with countries that oppose our American values and who hate democracy.
2019-10-25 18:45:49 UTC
Because you're a snowflake.
2019-10-25 16:52:04 UTC
Many conservatives refer to it as TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It is quite real.
2019-10-25 12:58:28 UTC
The only hate is coming from the one's who hate him, true american's feel no hate, we just brought out your true hatred for your country,, guess your one of those who thought obama was so great, he paved the way for the antichrist in case you didn't know that, but being as stupid as you are and never read the bible you wouldn't know, read the bible it will tell you everything it said would happen and it is happening right now
2019-10-25 11:45:21 UTC
That's not even the worst part. For the first three years of his presidency, he stumbled into a World War on two occasions for the stupidest reasons possible (North Korea then Iran), threatened to pull out of NATO and NAFTA, then pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. He and his GOP cronies also wiped out nearly every environmental, safety and financial regulations in existence.

This is even worse than Bush. The Trump clownshow is going to have a very VERY bad ending if he wins second term.
2019-10-25 11:43:35 UTC
Relax. Smoke a joint 
2019-10-25 11:32:54 UTC
That stuff you got five more years. as long as Democrats are too scared to take a vote on impeachment it's not going to happen.
2019-10-25 10:53:20 UTC
Oh you’re not alone. I wake up feeling the same way. Hate that man
2019-10-25 04:41:03 UTC
It’s normal. It will pass in a few days.
2019-10-27 07:14:07 UTC
First to solve trump you need to go to the woods for 5 years then come back with your full diamond armor, sword and ender dragon egg then go to trump tower and place the egg there
2019-10-26 15:34:31 UTC
I love the noise crying Democrats make.
2019-10-26 05:42:48 UTC
2019-10-26 05:04:06 UTC
Just another anti-Trump troll.
2019-10-26 04:02:17 UTC
Hhhahhh..... Whoopsie dopsie

....wromg questiom answer
2019-10-26 00:24:22 UTC
Yes, Trump is awful. But he’s just a government employee who works for us. He will be gone soon. Life is more than politics and if you let him take over your thoughts, he’s won.
2019-10-25 23:58:25 UTC
Not sure about that
2019-10-25 23:13:38 UTC
Because you have a mental disorder.

Your programmed brain can't accept the fact that the White Female Obama LOST in 2016.

Fear not Snookums, tom is here to help you rest.

I recommend  





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2019-10-25 22:20:11 UTC
Being depressed is because of your non existent sex life
Ron Akia
2019-10-25 22:13:51 UTC
You're waking up depressed because you've been listening to, and worrying about, the claims made by the Democrat inspired media. I'm 78 years old and can honestly say that I'm much better off financially than I was before President Trump. Our national unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in decades, the stock market has hit new highs, etc. Sure, some of the doomsday economists are predicting a recession after next year but they've always done that. Look at your IRA balance and I'm sure you'll see it's doing well. mine sure is. Forget what you read in the media. Our President is actually doing a great job.
Gilgamesh King of Heroes
2019-10-25 21:53:06 UTC
The mongrel president is just another cur, your wasting energy on being worried when you could focus it on learning how to out-debate his sheep

besides, humanity has had a self destructive streak since its inception, how is this a surprise to you mongrels?
2019-10-25 20:44:10 UTC
I can tell you why.You only get your news from one side. Listen to Rush,Mark Levin,Breitbart news,Mike Savage.Then you will see that the only hate spreadrs out there is the left media NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN,MSNBC,NPR,LATE nite talk shows.How can you not be impressed by our President,look at the economy,the record employment,
2019-10-25 20:26:40 UTC
So, work to change it not only in the November 2020 election, but every election leading up to then.
2019-10-25 15:07:33 UTC
Well that's probably because he is, and it has been a long time so chill your ***
2019-10-25 13:17:52 UTC
Because it is depressing to have a pathological liar who is a self-serving deplorable scam artist as president.
2019-10-25 13:00:37 UTC
One person , one vote. You lost . Get over it and do your part to make your world better.
2019-10-25 09:08:40 UTC
Hate was incited by that black President Obama. Obama is and was a pure RACIST!
2019-10-25 06:16:58 UTC
Why should I or anyone including trump care how you feel since you apparently "want" the world to obey your whims just as any spoiled child would.

What have you done to incite the world to obey your wishes?

Have you given the twenty dollars you owe? I don't think so, I think you owe at least two women prostitutes.

Each have come around here demanding twenty dollars from a poor black man that lives on a street corner which is so typical of those europeans.

Especially those dark skinned French ones never bathing always living on street homeless you know.

You should pay out that twenty you owe for wanting what you can't have.
2019-10-25 02:47:07 UTC
the vile Dems are dividing the country with their lies and hatefulness
2019-10-25 02:16:43 UTC
The US economy is the strongest in the world. Quit whining about Trump. You come across as a moron.
2019-10-28 04:02:29 UTC
Why must I wake up every day and feel depressed that lovey-dovey liberal idealists like you hate the president and conservative values and hinder free speech? Goes both ways.
2019-10-28 02:25:04 UTC
Because you're a loser and you suck.
2019-10-27 07:00:45 UTC
You wake up depressed because you are stupid. Sorry. It’s the truth.
2019-10-27 01:04:56 UTC
Amoral, emotionally disturbed  people like him are relentless, unswayed by any social or moral boundaries, totally unmoved by the consequences of their actions, and tend to spread their malady like a epidemic to those near him and eventually to infect even all those on his periphery.
2019-10-27 00:32:16 UTC
Fortunately Trump will deport ana, his biggest and dumbest supporter!
2019-10-26 22:37:58 UTC
Get your priorities right. Be productive within youself than worrying about who is leading the country.
2019-10-26 18:29:50 UTC
Boo hoo hoo!...
2019-10-26 17:42:41 UTC
Are you a liberal
2019-10-26 14:42:24 UTC
Htkfod OP pej3b383i3kfnnxxj
2019-10-26 07:17:39 UTC
Go look for a bridge you can jump off.
2019-10-26 02:18:27 UTC
You've fallen for the trap set by the globalists who are on both sides of the isle, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's not Trump that has divided us, it's the globalist fake news that pushes all of this anti-Trump BS. And, of course, there's plenty of pro-Trump from the other side of the isle, too.

A recent pole showed that 90% of democrats get their news from one source which is typically biased towards the left. Republicans, however, get 60% from conservative sources and 40% from liberal sources. The division that you are referring to is a result of the left only getting their news information from leftists news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and NPR along with every single news paper in the country. In 2016 all of the newspapers supported Clinton - NOT ONE paper supported Trump.

So you can see the source of the division is whom we are all listening to, and you can see it in Trump's approval rating. He's get nearly 95% favorably rating about republicans, and about 10-20% among liberals. You can see that the number of liberals who like trump is the same percentage of liberals who get their news from left and right news outlets. It's no coincidence!
2019-10-25 22:44:00 UTC
Nobody cares. looks like about at least 6 more years of depression for you. All the things you mention by the way are total XXXXSHEAT. And liberal goo.
2019-10-25 19:18:26 UTC
Try not to watch politics so much because you'll always be depressed. Soon he won't be president anymore and we won't have to see his loudmouth on TV.
2019-10-25 14:28:18 UTC
I suspect that you miss having a black gay president that is married to a transgender
2019-10-25 13:37:30 UTC
Millions of Americans feel the same way. We are sick and tired of Trump and his corrupt agenda, disregarding our laws, disrespect any and everybody, catering to Putin, meddling in word affairs that has nothing to do with America, causing our military to look like cowards, being racist, and being the most corrupt president in America's history. People are sick of Trump and his hateful rhetoric. Yet some of the dumb cons continue to back him in his dirt. IMPEACH THIS OAF RIGHT AWAY, LIKE TODAY!
2019-10-25 13:05:26 UTC
The only solution is suicide
2019-10-25 12:26:01 UTC
You shouldn't be hurt "that the country made the decision it did in 2016" because they didn't. Hillary won by three million votes. In any sane non corrupt system Trump wouldn't be the president. America didn't want him.

But honestly you should be worried about what he has done to the environment cutting all the environmental regulations (that made him angry as a greedy business man) than any of the other things you're worried about.

Also it wasn't just Trump that divided the USA. (And a lot of the free world as collateral damage) Six US intelligence agencies have confirmed the Russian government spent multi millions on troll farms to spread that hate all over the internet to weaken the USA. That sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but it's multiple US intelligence agencies full of the brightest and the best professionals that have confirmed this.

Protest against the Electoral College and it's rigging for Republicans that allowed Putin to install the president.
2019-10-25 08:58:39 UTC
its like the red mafia trying to kill people for farmers in australia .if you have work cover issues then dont hire
2019-10-25 08:49:24 UTC
you are normal and intelligent is why.
Cali d
2019-10-28 03:15:55 UTC
You're brainwashed by CNN and MSNBC.  Trump is actually the greatest president since Reagan.
Andy F
2019-10-27 05:07:56 UTC
Well, there's some reason for your depression and near - panic -- Trump in many ways is a terrible president.

His apparent violation of the law in pressuring Ukraine to help him defeat Joe Biden in 2020 is only one of his many misdeeds. 

His betrayal of the Kurds in northern Syria is not only immoral, but diplomatically and militarily stupid, since it makes the reputation of the USA virtually worthless.

Trump really is promoting racial and religious hatred and bigotry in the United States, with tweet after tweet, and he's amazingly ugly and cruel to even those few Republicans who have the guts to question any of his policies.

His environmental policies -- deliberately weakening US environmental laws and promoting fossil fuels that drive climate change, at a time when the scientists are warning that climate change is becoming a crisis -- his environmental policies are basically insane.

HOWEVER -- the fact that YOU wake up "depressed" in the morning, and have to deal with feelings of "panic" is a reflection on YOU and your ability to handle and regulate your own emotions.  It's completely natural for you to feel depressed, angry and afraid because of what Trump is doing -- but while it's "natural," it's not useful to feel this way.  In fact, in can be destructive.

What you need to realize -- what all of us need to realize -- is that if we don't share Trump's twisted values, we're basically in a political war against him and the GOP for the future of this country.  And in a political war, just as in a military war, we all need courage, stubbornness and the will never to be beaten, never to surrender, never to give up.

At the start of World War II, as the United Kingdom faced the possible destruction of its army at Dunkirk and the very real risk of a German invasion, Prime Minister Winston Churchill had ever reason in the world to feel depressed, and to give way to panic.  But it would have been suicide for Churchill to do so.

Instead of giving way to panic and depression, Churchill told the British people regarding the threat of Nazi invasion: "We shall fight them on the seas; we shall fight them in the air; we shall fight them on the beaches; we shall fight them in the streets lof our great cities; we shall fight them in the hills ... we will will NEVER SURRENDER."

And if you dislike Trump as much as you say you do, that's the attitude you and everyone else like you need to be taking.  DON'T be depressed in the morning; DON'T give way to panic; DON'T give way to fear -- but get up, put on your clothes, have coffee and breakfast, whatever you do to get going -- and plan on spending your day fighting to drive Trump and his supporters from political office.

And don't give in or give up -- ever.

-- democratic socialist for more guts among Americans with good will and good values
2019-10-26 22:09:58 UTC
Who is right? Trump or the media?
Angelina J.
2019-10-26 18:14:40 UTC
Because you are an ungrateful idiot
2019-10-26 16:42:30 UTC
Here’s a tip. You’ll never be truly happy or at peace with the world unless you let go of politics. Just live your life the way you want to, do the things that make you happy, and strive to become the best version of yourself.
2019-10-26 11:44:09 UTC
Don’t worry. A lot of people do. He’s just an evil, fake, manipulative person. His term his almost over though thankfully. I pray he doesn’t get re-elected.
2019-10-26 09:23:08 UTC

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2019-10-26 02:50:00 UTC
You are being bamboozled by the main stream media. They are lefties and hate Trump especially because he's not a "politician". He operates differently and pulls no punches, says what he really thinks. That's unheard of in todays world when everyone is pushing PC. Quit believing them and do your own research. Almost all areas of the economy and foreign relations are improved with Trump. You simply have Trump derangement syndrome like so many others now.
2019-10-25 23:32:30 UTC
Maybe, turn off the news. Go outside, take a walk and think about other things.
2019-10-25 21:06:26 UTC
because you're intelligent. intelligence is a curse in this country because you're more aware of your situation
2019-10-25 20:34:22 UTC
People like you should take the bull by the horns, rise up and do what needs to be done.
2019-10-25 17:55:17 UTC
It is rather depressing and stressful having that idiot in the Oval Office. Hopefully, the investigations into the Ukraine phone call, etc. will bring about the impeachment process. Now, what the Senate does after that is another story. But, at least those who voted to impeach Trump could say they were doing their duties by protecting the country. And, if Trump is still in office on election, voters will decide they had enough and vote him out of office. Time will tell. Until then, don't dwell too much on this, it doesn't do much good and doesn't change anything. Just be sure to vote in EVERY election-- especially in the November 2020 election.
2019-10-25 16:45:57 UTC
Because you have no life.
2019-10-25 15:36:47 UTC
I wake up glad He is President and Senile Hillary is not
2019-10-25 12:56:37 UTC
im not clear why your inciting hate everywhere. you wake up every morning feeling this way because of snowflake delusion and the trump derangement syndrome.
2019-10-25 12:13:40 UTC
2019-10-25 09:33:06 UTC
I wish everyone could get along to but, unfortunately, we have a long way to go.
2019-10-25 09:22:54 UTC
No offence but therapy might help you because it sounds like you are extremely sensitive. It's not healthy to get that upset over people's opinions. Also Trump isn't as bad of a person as you say he is. Most of the hate and negativity is coming from the sociopathic left paying the media to put words in trumps mouth.
2019-10-25 08:23:07 UTC
You are sadly misinformed leading to a debilitating frame of mind. You brought it on yourself.
2019-10-25 05:27:32 UTC
First of all, if you want to feel okay again then stop watching fake news! Second, how can you want equality for your kids if you are showing them that you do not respect the decision of many americans to elect President Trump? That is part of democracy and he was duely elected. You don't have to like it, but you should respect it. I hated that Obama was elected, and then hated it even more when he was re-elected. But I didn't post hateful comments about him or wish him gone. I lived with it because he won the votes! I think people like you are the ones dividing us.If you can't accept that people vote, votes are counted, and someone is elected by the public, then maybe america isn't where you should be. See how much better another country will be, but I bet you'd be back in less than a week!!
2019-10-28 13:49:52 UTC
Good God grow up ! Don’t worry, it will only be two more terms, one for President Trump then one with Candice Owens as the first legitimate woman president of this great nation under God !
2019-10-28 10:21:57 UTC
Truth hurts, sweeping reality under the rug fixes nothing. Just because you don't like something or feel offended by it makes it no less true. Majority of the "hateful" things Trump has said have been taken completely out of context & twisted to fit the ridiculous narrative of liberals/ democrats. When proven t be wrong or outright lies no apologies give or remorse felt, you go right back to searching for more things to throw at him. Maybe that feeling you get about Trump when you wake up is guilt.
2019-10-28 07:22:18 UTC
because payback is a ***** asshole.
Judy and Charlie
2019-10-27 01:02:55 UTC
Oh, I wish I could prescribe something for you, however, this problem has to have a therapeutic solution for you.

You need to join the Trump Resistance which has been well founded since 2016. Go ahead and Google Trump Resistance to find a wealth of websites manned by concerned and patriotic Americans who are not content to sit on their hands and let Trump run our country into the ground.

This type of therapy will give you relief and so, find an organization that suits your needs and contact them to join. I wish you all the best.

Be well.
2019-10-26 23:11:55 UTC
Considering it is not TRUMP that is spreading hate but it is the COMMUNIST aka DEMOCRATs that are doing so by lying about Trump constantly
2019-10-26 18:19:30 UTC
Because you’re a pu$$y snowflake
2019-10-26 15:25:42 UTC
Because you're a minority?
2019-10-26 01:25:01 UTC
Maybe you should stop inciting hate
2019-10-25 19:09:18 UTC
Give me a break lib tard. Endless wail "The sky is falling , the sky is falling" Yet the ever loving economy is doing great.
Little Ollie
2019-10-25 19:07:05 UTC
I know exactly what you mean. Trump is such a horrid, hateful man I can't wait for him to be gone.
2019-10-25 17:47:12 UTC
Its an honest emotion. Its trending all over the world.
2019-10-25 17:23:03 UTC
You should probably see a therapist for anxiety. Your reactions are pretty extreme
2019-10-25 17:11:16 UTC
Trump is not solely to blame for the divisions and problems of today. Regardless of who's in office, no one can truly solve the problems that effect us the most. Things such as sickness, death, crime, and natural disasters can only be corrected under God's Kingdom. Our hope and our vote should be towards this heavenly government, because Jehovah God promises to act soon in our behalf. It's a waste of time letting the things of this world get to us, because until Armageddon, nothing will change. We just have to be patient and build a relationship with Jehovah and His son, Jesus Christ.
2019-10-25 15:50:12 UTC
You probably spent too much time being outraged. It is exhausting, eventually you just have to move on and accept that you don't make a difference, even if you try.
2019-10-25 13:08:16 UTC
Just take a deep breath and solace yourself by focusing on all that the Democrats have accomplished, like constructing lawless sprawling ghetto systems, (which men like Trump and I has spent our lives trying to prevent from spreading). Reassure yourself that they will go on pimping, poisoning, and persecuting women and children night and day, being the center of most abortions, violent slayings, deviant sex, genetic damage, (the cause of the expanding circus side shows and freaks), being the source of the opioid epidemic and also illegal drug use and overdose epidemic, (which funds terrorism around the world, so thanks for that too), the cause of massive illegal immigration and human trafficking being disguised as 'social justice,' and the cause of massive government incarceration systems, among many other evils, and will go on being the 'government projects' of the 'Great Society' for generations to come, as long as you can bring in more victims from South America and Mexico after defeating Trump by treasonously removing him from office using your communist style 'bureau,' fake conspiracies, witch hunts, subversion of Constitutional clauses and all the other tricks you communists have up your sleeve, including 'Me Too-ing' people and parading crybabies like yourself in public to elicit sympathy from people dumb enough to buy it. 

Sorry that Trump partially messed up your evil system by employing more minorities in just two years in office than any other President in U.S. history, giving them a taste of liberty and life without abject government dependency. You can go right back to being pure evil as soon as he is gone. However, bear in mind that 'billionaire bullies' are not the only recourse the law-abiding citizens of this country have against your brand of evil. 

Enjoy the ride and try to look on the bright side of life, which, I guess, in your case, is the 'dark' side of life. 
2019-10-25 12:57:31 UTC
I am so happy to hear this, the fact that libtards feel depressed everyday that Trump is still the president makes me so happy 😆😆😆😆😆
2019-10-25 08:31:46 UTC
You’re the only one dividing people. I’m a female immigrant and I feel very unified under Trump, and I have a good job too. Thanks Trump!

You must either be a moral degenerate or lazy, and you’re just trying to justify your position
2019-10-25 06:45:35 UTC
"You must be the change you want to see in the World" Citation, Ghandi.

DT has sold a lie to the American people, I see no upsurge in US steel production in response to the tariff on steel, nor no other increase in home productivity that can be attributed to the protectionist policy of the current administration. DT is a "Seagull President", flies in with lots of noise, sh1t2 on everything, then flies out again.

I feel that the US will be stuck with him for another term until his policies bear the fruit of hate and division that the media will be unable to suppress.
2019-10-25 02:39:45 UTC
Trump is not inciting hate. The Liberal media is the one doing that.

And the Democrats are trying to whip their base into a frenzy with

phony investigations. Adam Schiff said there was definitely evidence of collusion (there wasn't),

and that Trump would go to jail (he didn't). Don't believe everything people like him say.

Don't worry. This country survived Obama.

It will survive Trump. Trump genuinely wants the country to do well.
2019-10-25 02:06:58 UTC
Must be because you are a brain dead MSNBC minion. They have managed to convince you that everything is terrible when everything is actually going quite well.
2019-10-28 05:49:10 UTC
Move to Canada.
2019-10-28 01:42:41 UTC
Because you're an idiot. You *wake up* depressed because Trump is President? I don't wake up elated because Hillary *isn't* President.
2019-10-27 20:45:53 UTC
I don't buy your fake concern, you're just worried that your cultural dominance through the institutions is waning, sorry you won't get your Marxist revolution, sorry to all the liberal college professors teaching their anti-white theories (I mean untested hypotheses).

I'm glad that you're depressed.
2019-10-27 06:35:54 UTC
What is trump's last name?
2019-10-26 16:16:52 UTC
Geez, I feel sorry for people who are so feeble minded. You're letting this depress you every day? Why on earth would you give your power away to anyone like that? I wake up feeling just fine every day. I think its silly that people give so much of their energy to this when theres really no reason to. I think hes just like every other president we've had so far, some pros and some cons. Nothing Im going to ruin my day over. I worry more about the huge cult-like hate I see coming from other people when it comes to politics, that is what is creating such a hostile environment, nothing else. Im so glad I have the intelligence to not only see through it, but rise above it.
2019-10-26 15:40:45 UTC
2019-10-26 03:13:49 UTC
Waking up in tears isn't good for you. But if you're blubbering because we finally have a president worthy of the name, you'll get no sympathy from real Americans. Now run along to your little safe space and console yourself.

it's good practice for 2020.
2019-10-25 20:49:35 UTC
Sounds like you might have taken some bad LSD. You'll come down in a few days and be glad Trump is our President.
2019-10-25 20:40:07 UTC
Because you're a liar.  Trump is not "spreading hate."
2019-10-25 17:44:23 UTC
You should see a psychiatrist immediately.  
2019-10-25 17:27:24 UTC
Stop whining!

There is more hate within a mile radius of you than the democrats can pretend.

Get realistic.

Help fix the problem if you don't like it.

You show negativity here.

What good is it?

I think that you're just another mindless agitator.
2019-10-25 16:16:17 UTC
You might feel better if you were taking an active role in helping to remove Trump from office. Here's how:
Doc Awesome!
2019-10-25 13:53:22 UTC
I would imagine it has something to do with you being quite the doofus.
2019-10-25 10:35:55 UTC
Stop watching the media . There 😈 and yes even Fox
2019-10-25 06:35:33 UTC
STOP SMOKING CRACK BEFORE BED..     move along children
2019-10-25 04:39:10 UTC
Because you see Trump for what he is and has always been. Decent people don't overlook how he has cheated so many companies, how he lies and breaks the law over and over. How his businesses failed. You know he is in this for one reason: himself. Money and power are the things that matter to Trump. He is a disastrous representative of the USA. He indeed incites hate. I have never seen any other president that I liked or didn't like call people names like a child. It is depressing/ridiculously appalling that so many people fall for his totally transparent deceit, how they support him hurting others like he did the Kurds (for Papa Putin), that he is in neck-deep with Putin. When I run through their pathetic news sources, it is hard to believe that anyone would believe the garbage spewed. But they do and the meaner he is, the more they like him. That is due to their personal hatred. They hate what Trump hates and who Trump hates; and the crazed loathers have found a hating kindred spirit in Trump. Their minuscule brains have been indoctrinated; they probably don't even understand the dangers. Trump is a failure, his minions believe in him no matter who gets killed or run off and that is tough to take. We see his destruction and cannot comprehend anyone being as malicious as they are and believing a narcissist--they are all liars. I hope you will be active in the next election. Work for better, get people to vote against the Red Party and help save our country.
2019-10-25 03:03:09 UTC
I and any other sane, kindhearted, and educated American are completely with you!
2019-10-25 02:55:27 UTC
Trump may choose not to run at all, but America might become more fearful or violent under someone else. Many people will vote against Trump on the basis of policy or personality. Soon, it will be over and done with.
2019-10-25 02:08:11 UTC
Sorry, but you are too much of a loser to even try saving. You are a write-off.
2019-10-25 02:05:01 UTC
Because you are not very intelligent and easily swayed by left wing propaganda.
2019-10-27 14:41:06 UTC
Juu brsinwashing 
2019-10-26 04:37:26 UTC
I d o n t k n o w
2019-10-25 18:37:44 UTC
Are you allowed to post this questions only using ..inciting or what ?

It looks that we are all traped ....democracy meant anybody join the assembly and vote laws.of course only acording to morals.these persons parliamentary erected themselves as if masters over humanity 

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