Is Obama closer to Reagan or Roosevelt?
The Big A -- American Agnostic Deist
2010-01-21 18:12:15 UTC
I mean really Obama's policy is spend with no accountability to get out of the recession much like Reagan -- Roosevelt attempted to raise taxes high enough to meet meet the deficit -- He didn't succeed in a budget neutral but he did raise taxes.

and for those who don't know the stats Roosevelt pre war scores higher then Reagan
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2010-01-21 18:21:16 UTC
Roosevelt all the way. BOTH were "progressives", both felt that if something was not prohibited by the Constitution, it was open for them to do.

Reagan ended the Cold War, 0bama is prolonging the war on terror.
2010-01-22 02:20:03 UTC
Reagan increased income taxes and lowered capital gains taxes but he did a lot of things against the American workers. Obama is being accountable and listing everything on his website so where do you get that idea? The Republicans don't agree with Obama about an economic stimulus but they have no alternative to get jobs. The stock market has increased over 100 percent since Obama took office and that has helped the banks make windfall profits and I imagine that means they are repaying the bailout. I don't recall there was a recession in 1981 and most people did not know what the government was doing. Now you can find out anything instantly on the internet, so you cannot compare the circumstances now and then.
2010-01-22 02:28:30 UTC
Your spin of history is breath-taking. Reagan rebuilt the military after the Carter years, not for economic gain but for national security. An added benefit was the destruction of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. It was his economic policies (so-called trickle down ) of cutting taxes and tax breaks for R/D that revived the economy for the next decade and a half.

FDR lived in a very naive era when voters were easily tricked. His big gov't spending lengthened the recovery from the Great Depression. Raising taxes lowers consumption and takes money OUT of the economy.(like taking buckets of water out of the deep end of the pool to pour into the shallow end hoping to fill the pool) When WWII was over and FDR was gone and gov't spending was replaced by the ramping up of the private sector to fill consumer when the depression ended

Obama is closer to Carter.
Peace Through Blinding Force
2010-01-22 02:38:14 UTC
Are you kidding, or insane?

Obama's policy is spend with no accountability and ACCORDING TO OBAMA that's what CAUSES recessions. You cannot articulate a way this is similar to Reagan policy and I assume you KNOW that since your brain power is evidently adequate for typing.

Although it hasn't kicked-in yet, Obama has PROMISED the largest single-year tax-rate increase - for EVERY bracket, by the way - ever seen in all of time. (not exaggerating)

Those of us for whom English is our first language aren't sure what you mean by "Roosevelt pre war scores higher then Reagan" so I really can't address that part of your "question."
2010-01-22 02:21:51 UTC
He is closer to Roosevelt in many ways. The government can't really create anything. They can only destroy. The destruction of the Cash for Clunkers program is not unlike what happened with farm animals, crops, and milk under the Roosevelt administration (at a time when people were really suffering!)
2010-01-22 03:09:11 UTC
Obama and his administration give the impression of disdain toward the American people. I don't see Obama anywhere near Roosevelt or Reagan. Although different in their policies neither of these gentlemen showed the disrespect and indifference that the BO WH has shown toward the American people. Obama behaved like a dictator, ignored the people as he and his liberal cohorts determined to get this bill passed without the consent of the country. With that, I'd say his type of governance is closer to Castro.
2010-01-22 02:19:52 UTC
Unfortunately, at this point Obama more like Reagan. FDR was successfully able to pass the New Deal with little bi-partisan support. FDR controlled the banks and his own Cabinet. On the other hand, Obama is much like Ronald Reagan. Both were/are good speakers and both were and are controlled by a committee. In Reagan’s case it was James Baker III, the Pentagon and George Schultz. In Obama’s case, it is Robert Gates, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernacke.
2010-01-22 02:18:43 UTC
Obama's a lot life Roosevelt. He's making temporary relief that's going to bite back soon and need something to save them.

Roosevelt was saved by WWII. Looking at unemployment rates of that time which spiked nearly back to pre-New Deal levels 1 year before WWII
2010-01-22 02:16:56 UTC
Pagan Pride
2010-01-22 02:18:19 UTC
Far closer to both Teddy Roosevelt and FDR.
2010-01-22 02:18:21 UTC
Definitely Reagan

Moronic Republicans may worship him but there's no real policy difference between Obama's Policies and Regeans. Their Rhetoric is the only difference they're both liars.
2010-01-22 02:38:43 UTC
closer to Teddy a progressive
Seiko .
2010-01-22 02:17:48 UTC
More so FDR, pushing a lot of government and spending, screwing things up more. Unfortunately since his party is more anti-defense now, Obama doesn't have a war to bail him out.
2010-01-22 02:15:57 UTC
Certainly not Roosevelt, I wish.
2010-01-22 02:16:21 UTC
FDR to a TEE

FDR doubled all the spending in the USA before him in his first year.

Just like 0bama and FDR was the worst until 0bama.
2010-01-22 02:18:05 UTC
More like jimmie carter, both were big failures...
2010-01-22 02:18:25 UTC
he is Roosevelt's twin.the people be dammed.baffle them with b---s---.
2010-01-22 02:15:59 UTC
REAGAN WAS NEVER A RADICAL! 0bama is every inch a radical!
2010-01-22 02:17:00 UTC
obama is closest to ****

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