Should Bush just apologize to the world for the mess he initiated in Iraq and the greater Middle East now?
2007-02-16 04:43:54 UTC
Shouldn't this guy just be a real man and admit he screwed up?
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John in AZ
2007-02-16 06:11:46 UTC
You don't get it do you. Pay attention in class. Again, IRAQ WAS ALREADY MESSED UP. WE ARE FIXING IT!!!
2007-02-16 05:00:37 UTC
He has admitted mistakes were made. Whether it was lies or faulty intel that got us there freeing Iraq was and still is the next logical step in fighting the war on terrorism.

A free Iraq will destabilize the largest fiding sources of terrorist throughout the world. Iran, Sudan, and Syria.

If we allow an extremist terrorist government to enjoy the fruits of Iraq's oil revenues we will see terror cells propped up throughout the world unlike even Osama Bin Laden has even imagined.

Iraq was a mere entry point into the middle east. It was strategically the perfect country to start the spread of freedom and democracy whilst sustaining the least American casualties.

Let's never forget it would only take "1" terrorist attack here in the U.S. to easily double the number of United States soldier casualty list.

A FREE IRAQ IS THE IRANIAN EXTREMIST WORST NIGHTMARE. For all those that think Bush is a moron history proves every great president during wartime has made huge errors and miscalculations causing ten times the casualties.

Many great minds have gone into planning this war just because there were miscalculations by no means deserves these men the terms moron and stupid. The left has simply exploited these miscalculations and are an embarressment to our country making us a mockery throughout the world.
2007-02-16 05:12:37 UTC
you need to check the records on bush support,,but NO ,no apology is needed

the mess was there long before bush

he is a real man, he is standing his ground under fire

as far as planning and executing of the war , I really think the president sets a goal and then ask the army to accomplish it,

I also have friends and relatives in the war, and most of them are signing up for another tour,

if the military did not support the President , why is the enlistment numbers above expectations ,

if you want to know who supported the war, get off this crap site and research the blasted thing,, you will find that just about every dem supported this action before bush arrived and when it happened also

I have wasted enough time on you
2007-02-16 05:25:50 UTC
Absolutely he should apologize. Don't worry about the radicals slamming you for having a brain. I asked almost the same question months ago and they did the same to me. That just proves that they can't seem to learn anything or admit reality.
2007-02-16 04:53:20 UTC
If he has to apologize, so should the senators that supported invading Iraq...Clinton, Kerry, Edwards, Kennedy, et. al. The difference is those senators don't have a backbone and bow to the political winds.

Terrorists need to be put in their place (hell) and be shown that we don't put up with their crap. Bush has done this. Sorry that it hasn't been quick enough for you. Would you have pulled out of WW2 in 1942 when things didn't look too good for the allies? Same thing here.

So go down to Starbucks and read some poetry.
2007-02-16 05:00:49 UTC
The mess was already there, he attempted to clean it up. Unfortunately the bleeding hearts here in America scream that we must follow the Geneva Convention rules, while the enemy has no such scruples. Perhaps the Whining Liberals should apologize for making us fight fair. You don't fight fair, you fight to WIN!
2007-02-16 05:02:15 UTC
Firstly it is not a mess over in Iraq!

He should pull the troops out now!

It is a crime that is going on, troops smashing down Innocent people's doors holding them at gun point, telling them they are going to prison for 30 years.

The people of Iraq have a right live in freedom and by their own belief's
Watcher 465
2007-02-16 05:01:19 UTC
Nah , he's just an American. It's Jesus Christ the great divider who should apologise for the mayhem in the Middle East. And if he actually existed he might. (Or might not).

Don't get me started on Muhamed the allMighty. Every time the Muslims bow to the East in prayer they are mooning the West.

Hey, you're not allowed to see him so how can I ask him how he spells his name?
Real Estate Para Legal
2007-02-16 05:20:54 UTC
I think you and your libbie friends OWE US AN is attitudes like that that are empowering the enemy. The emotional support that you give to the enemy bolsters their moral and gives them hope. You want us to play by the rules against an enemy whom doesnt. you want us to ask terrorists where they are going to strike next...HOPING that if we say... pretty please... they will give us the information.....IT AND YOUR FANTASY WORLD do not far as GW being a "real man"...that is just the psyche ploy to get someone to do something. WHY DONT YOU BE A REAL MAN AND ADMIT YOU SUPPORT TERRORISTS AND HATE THE US MILITARY...TELL THE TRUTH...
2007-02-16 04:53:37 UTC
Dubya is too arrogant to ever admit a mistake or to apologize... he'd rather blame others that he keeps around as scapegoats for that (like Rumsfeld and others). He's just not man enough to apologize or too stupid... you decide, either choice is correct, anyway.

ohboy!, hold it a minute... Bush Senior didn't do anything either, nor did Ronnie Reagan... so...? Why even bring up Slick Willy when he, at least, tried to have the CIA kill off Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein ... (and past Presidents armed that Saddam before Slick Willy came on the scene). C'mon, try to be fair, huh? OK? Saddam didn't just materialize during Slick Willy's administration... he had been around for 25 years or so.

Dubya says that he wants to give people in Iraq and Afghanistan democracy but he is chipping away at OUR democracy with the illegal searches, illegal wiretaps, spying on Americans, (how do we know he is not spying on his political adversaries like Tricky Dicky did to have an unfair advantage?), clandestine prisons where people are incarcerated for long periods of time without formal charges or without giving the person an opportunity to prove his/her innocence and prevent them from having legal counsel and allowing use of torture (the same thing we condemned other countries for). Come on, let's be fair here and let's leave all the political propaganda and the slogans and factoids out of this discussion and let's deal in FACTS, EVIDENCE and PROOFS for a change, and let's try to tell the truth without distorting facts.

"Freedom isn't free" means what? That WE have to pay taxes while the super rich and powerful continue to profiteer? That the super rich and powerful can outsource American jobs to foreighn countries and charge Americans more afterward? What does that mean... that the poor and middle class should continue to pay for what the super rich and powerful are "selling" us... financial enslavement? What are YOU paying for, booby? Oh, listen, when you're old enough, go join the military and "support" this country with you OWN butt, and while you're at it... ask Dubya and Cheney how come their 40+ relatives and family members (including Dubya's twin tarts gallivanting around the world while WE pay for the Secret Service that accompanies them, and WE pay for the airfare, their meals and hotel stays and other "incidentsals") who are eligible AIN'T wearing a uniform and AIN'T in Iraq or Afghanistan "defending this nation" while the super rich and powerful continue to overbill and overcharge the taxpayers, OK, booby? Wake up and see things for what they are.

And all of those gung-ho pro-war supporters... how come you ain't in uniform wither? Waiting for someone else to risk their lives so you can continue urging others while you stay home in your comfortable bed? Gee, does that take much courage? I have a very simple way of saying this: don't send someone else to crap when you have your own a$s-hole!
2007-02-16 04:54:32 UTC
I am looking outside my window waiting for the first blue pig to fly past... When I see it I will get back to you and your question.

The arrogance of this minnow is only outflanked by the idiocy of those that support him and the mess that he has created in this world. Prior to Bush, we may have had our apprehensions about Islam or anything that was not second nature to us, but to tacitly endorse the killings and hatred of Muslims is something that we can lay at his feet. I really worry for peace in this world.
2007-02-16 05:39:33 UTC
He is a hero- and kool aiders can't see that, but will believe 15 years from now when told to believe it by their media.
2007-02-16 05:01:30 UTC
Shouldn't you just be a real man and admit what an idiot you are?
2007-02-16 04:58:40 UTC
If I hear "Freedom isn't Free" one more time I'm gonna PUKE!

Support the warrior, not the war- How about prosecute the moron that sends them to war!!!!

Saddam got hung for using chemical agents that WE gave him, why aint nobody got hung for the Agent Orange Nightmare I live with everyday????

Here's a new cliche " Love my country, hate the government that is ruining it"
2007-02-16 04:55:21 UTC
If we were not in the Middle East now, you would be asking him to apologize for all of the civilians killed by terrorists over here. He decided to take the fight into their yard. Learn to deal with it.
2007-02-16 04:59:51 UTC
He should at the very least appoligize to the Iraqi, and American people, and in many ways the world.
2007-02-16 04:47:01 UTC
Bush is trying to clean up what former presidents ignored. What about Clinton? These problems have been going on forever, Bush is the only one that took action.

"Freedom isnt free"
2007-02-16 04:57:47 UTC
Oh please, because the ME hasn't been in a state of dismay for thousands of years? I can't stand the guy, but you can't blame him for things that have been going on for centuries.
2007-02-16 04:47:25 UTC
You're just impatience give the man a fair go. Would you like to be the next President will you??? then you can do whatever pleases you.
luosechi 駱士基
2007-02-16 04:50:39 UTC
Just like his buddy Gloria Arroyo, he won't apologise to save his life.
Lief Tanner
2007-02-16 04:48:37 UTC
I willbe "flamed" for saying this, but I think that all of the American military should apologise, as well as England and Tony Blair for the war, because they followed the orders of their leaders without even speaking their mind about it.
2007-02-16 04:46:01 UTC
He didn't screw up. Nothing to apologize for.
2007-02-16 04:49:52 UTC
2007-02-16 04:47:25 UTC
Yes he should and he should also RESIGN.

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